Digital Jewish Studies

Digital Jewish Studies: call for posters Extension!
Due to the very short notice given before, we invite you to submit, until the December 31, 2016, your applications for a poster presentation at the World Congress for Jewish Studies. 
Please send a description of your suggested poster (up to one page) as an attachment, to both [email protected] and [email protected]
See the full call for posters below:
It has been over half a century since father Roberto Busa, who later became the father figure of digital humanities, demonstrated the use of a punched card machine fitted with Hebrew type to the audience of the third World Congress of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. Now nearly all scholars work with digital equipment and resources. 
Increasingly, scholars and practitioners have have become involved in creating digital resources and editions, using computational tools to analyse and represent their objects of study, designing digital interfaces and leading digital projects themselves. 
Are you one of these people?
We invite you to participate in a digital poster exhibition at the World Congress for Jewish Studies. We envision an opportunity to showcase and discuss completed projects and works in progress. 
The Seventeenth World Congress of Jewish Studies will take place at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, August 6 - 10, 2017
Hayim Lapin
Sinai Rusinek