The 16th world congress of Jewish Studies assembles once every four years and provides a stage to present new studies and researches in the field of Jewish Studies. It is the largest assembly of its kind, and provides an opportunity for Jewish Studies scholar from around the world to meet and exchange ideas. More than 1000 lecturers from the world's leading research institutes are expected to give lectures and lead discussions during the Congress.

The Congress is aimed at scholars, members of the academia, Jewish studies teachers and students and offers many activities both social and academic, in a wide range of subjects and languages. Throughout the Congress there will also e cultural events, guided tours, book fairs and public discussions.

Sessions and presentations will address a wide range of Jewish Studies research subjects: The Bible and Its World; History of the Jewish People; Rabbinic Literature and Jewish Law and Jewish Thought; Languages, Literatures, and the Arts; Contemporary Jewish Society in Israel and the Diaspora; Jewish education and research institutes.